Safety Jim Certified Bots


Jim is a hardworking bot who will help you with your moderation needs.


  • Warn, kick, (temp) ban and (temp) mute commands
  • Unban and unmute commands, by mention or tag
  • Audit Log reason integration (where applicable)
  • Custom holding room channels with variable holding time
  • Custom prefixes and embed colors
  • Custom moderator log channel


*All commands are case insensitive.

Command Info Usage Example
ping Pong! -mod ping -mod ping
help Lists all the available commands and their usage. -mod help -mod help
warn Warns the user with the specified reason. -mod warn @user [reason] -mod warn @Jim Stop swearing.
mute Mutes the user with specified args. Both arguments can be omitted. -mod mute @user [reason] | [time] -mod mute @Jim profanity | 1 hour
unmute Unmutes the mentioned user. -mod unmute @user -mod unmute @Jim
kick Kicks the user with the specified reason. -mod kick @user [reason] -mod kick @Jim rude behaviour
ban Bans the user with specified args. Both arguments can be omitted. -mod ban @user [reason] | [time] -mod ban @Jim spamming | 3 months
unban Unbans the specified user. -mod unban username#discriminator -mod unban Jim#1337
iam Self assigns specified role if it's in self-assignable roles list. -mod iam <roleName> -mod iam Cool Role
role/add Adds a self-assignable role. -mod role add <roleName> -mod role add Cool Role
role/remove Removes a self-assignable role. -mod role remove <roleName> -mod role remove Cool Role
tag Sends the response saved with tag's name earlier. -mod tag name -mod tag rule2
tag/list Lists saved tags. -mod tag list -mod tag list
tag/add Adds a new tag. -mod tag add name response -mod tag add rule2 No advertising.
tag/edit Edits an existing tag. -mod tag edit name response -mod tag edit rule2 No advertising. And you have to like kittens.
tag/remove Removes an existing tag. -mod tag remove name -mod tag remove rule2
settings/display Shows current state of settings. -mod settings display -mod settings display
settings/reset Resets every setting to it's default value. -mod settings reset -mod settings reset
settings/set The main point for changing settings - allows you to change a given keys value. -mod settings set <key> <value> -mod settings set ModLog enabled
settings/Prefix Sets a new prefix. -mod settings set Prefix <text> -mod settings set Prefix !mod
settings/NoSpacePrefix Removes the mandatory space between prefix and command, it allows you to issue commands like "!ping" if your prefix is set to "!" -mod settings set NoSpacePrefix <enabled/disabled> -mod settings set NoSpacePrefix enabled
settings/ModLog Enables or disables the mod log feature. -mod settings set ModLog <enabled/disabled> -mod settings set ModLog enabled
settings/ModLogChannel Sets what channel mod logs are posted to. -mod settings set ModLogChannel <#channelName> -mod settings set ModLogChannel #mod-log
settings/HoldingRoom Enables or disables the holding room feature. -mod settings set HoldingRoom <enabled/disabled> -mod settings set HoldingRoom enabled
settings/HoldingRoomRole Sets the role assigned to the users when the holding time passes. -mod settings set HoldingRoomRole <roleName> -mod settings set HoldingRoomRole Member
settings/HoldingRoomMinutes Sets how much minutes a new user has to wait before being assigned the role. -mod settings set HoldingRoomMinutes <amount of minutes> -mod settings set HoldingRoomMinutes 3
settings/WelcomeMessage Enables or disables the welcome message feature. -mod settings set WelcomeMessage <enabled/disabled> -mod settings set WelcomeMessage enabled
settings/WelcomeMessageChannel Sets what channel the welcome messages are posted to. -mod settings set WelcomeMessageChannel <#channelName> -mod settings set WelcomeMessageChannel #welcome
settings/Message Sets the message new members see in the WelcomeMessageChannel or the HoldingRoomChannel. -mod settings set Message <message> -mod settings set Message Welcome to $guild, $user.
settings/InviteLinkRemover Enables or disables the invite link remover feature. -mod settings set InviteLinkRemover <enabled/disable> -mod settings set InviteLinkRemover enabled
settings/SilentCommands Enables or disables silent command feature. If enabled, Jim will delete your command if it is a moderative one. -mod settings set SilentCommands <enabled/disable> -mod settings set SilentCommands enabled