Multi-Purpose Bot with Fun, Moderation, Administrative, Configuration and Much More!

Forbidden is a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot, which is still in Early Development. Forbidden's purpose is to provide users with loads of features the can range from Fun to Configuration. Most of our features you will see from other bots and most you may have never seen at all. Our team is working at the best of there ability to bring you a bot with loads of features, well looked after, user friendly and a helpful, kind and friendly support team.

Forbidden is still in Early Development, expect bugs and glitches. You can request new features VIA our Suggest command. We hope that you enjoy your time with Forbidden. If you do encounter problems with our bot, please contact our Support Team ASAP.

Features Still In The Works

Music Player [Requires more Donations]

New Website [Finished (Waiting on Below)]

Configuration On Website [Work In Progress]

Image Manipulation [Requires Artwork and Knowledge]

Features Currently Available

Basics - AFK, Assignroles, Autorole, Notes, Poll, Remindme

Information - Botinfo, Bottime, Serverinfo, Sysinfo, Timein, Topcmds, Userinfo, Weather

Game Stats - Ftn, Ftnbr

Fun - Choose, Diceroll, Lovecal, Mime, Rate, Rps

Levels - Badges, Daily, Profile, Rep, Leaderboards, Gprofile, Grep

Configuration - Config, Myconfig

Moderation - Ban, Banlist, Kick, Mute, Purge, Roleme, Roleyou, Unban, Unmute, Warn

Administration - Announce, Channels, Cmdblock, Roles

There is so Much More! Check out what commands we have available VIA the Help command

Popular Commands

config - 1100+ Uses

help - 1000+ Uses

botinfo - 800+ Uses

ping - 500+ Uses

daily - 500+ Uses

A Wide Spread Of Links (lol)

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Forbidden Invite

Forbidden Website

Forbidden Server