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Multi-Purpose Bot with Fun, Moderation, Administrative, Configuration and Much More!

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Forbidden Bot Information

Forbidden is a Multi-purpose bot, still in Development. This bot's purpose is to fix server with heaps of bots. We will include features from heaps of outstanding bots that currently exist. We are working at the best of our ability to bring you a bot that won't just give you loads of features, we will give you a bot that is well looked after, good support from staff, good user interface for configuration and customisation and a well functioning feature request.

Forbidden is still in development. We will guarantee the bot will be something new every update. We hope people enjoy what we will bring. We're team on a mission to bring a outstanding bot.

Features Still In The Works

Music Player [When more donations received]

Configuration no longer filling Discord Chat (Moving to Website) [Next Update]

Image Manipulation (Profiles and other things) [When we have some Art]

Features Currently Available

Calculator Game (Sexy)

Leveling, Profile and Badges






Wow that's a lot of Tion's

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       f>help                 f>config 

          f>rate                 f>userinfo

f>profile             f>afk

        f>config            f>profile

    f>rep                  f>warn

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