RPGBot Certified Bots

A RP bot, with a working inventory, market and economy, team setups and characters aswell

Created By: Henry#6174 Certified Developer

For a completely up to date help, use the rp!help command. This help may not be up to date but is meant to provide some background about the bot's commands.

A RPG bot, with a working inventory, market and economy, team setups and characters as well. Each user has a server unique inventory and balance. Players may list items on a market for other users to buy. Users may create characters with teams from Pokemon in their storage box. Server administrators may add and give items to the server and its users.


Characters Commands


Description: List all guild characters

Usage: rp!allchars


Description: Get info on a character

Usage: rp![character|c|char|personnage] <name>

character create

Description: Create a new character

Usage: rp!character [create|new|nouveau|creer] <name> [user]

character delete

Description: Delete a character of the given name (you must be the owner)

Usage: rp!character [delete|remove|supprimer] <name>

character edit

Description: Edit a character Usage: rp!character edit John description John likes bananas! Valid values for the [item] (second argument): name: the character's name description: the description of the character level: an integer representing the character's level meta: used like the additional info section when creating; can be used to edit/remove all attributes Anything else will edit single attributes in the additional info section

Usage: rp!character edit <character> <attribute> <value>


Description: List all your characters

Usage: rp![characters|chars|personnages] [user]

Economy Commands

Economy related commands: balance, market, etc


Description: Get the top 10 server balances

Usage: rp!baltop


Description: Place a bid on the current bidding item in the channel

Usage: rp!bid


Description: Check your or another users balance

Usage: rp![economy|bal|balance|eco|e] [member]


Description: Give the members money (Moderators)

Usage: rp!givemoney <amount> [members...]


Description: List the currently running lottos.

Usage: rp![lotto|lottery]

lotto enter

Description: Enter the lottery with the given name.

Usage: rp!lotto [enter|join] <name>

lotto new

Description: Create a new lotto, with jacpot payout lasting time in seconds

Usage: rp!lotto [new|create] <name> <jackpot> <time>


Description: View the current market listings

Usage: rp![market|m|pm]

market buy

Description: Buy a given amount of an item from the player market at the cheapest given price

Usage: rp!market [buy|purchase|acheter] <id>

market create

Description: Create a new market listing

Usage: rp!market [create|createlisting|new|listitem|list] <cost> <amount> <item>

market remove

Description: Remove an item from the market

Usage: rp!market [remove|rm] <id>

market search

Description: Search the market for an item

Usage: rp!market search <item>


Description: Pay another user money

Usage: rp!pay <amount> <member>


Description: Set the balance of the given members to an amount

Usage: rp![setbalance|set] <amount> [members...]


Description: Get all items currently listed on the server shop

Usage: rp!shop

shop additem

Description: Add an item to the server shop, to make an item unsaleable or unbuyable set their respective values to 0 pb!additem Pokeball -> 0 -> 10 Can be sold for 10 and cannot be bought. Must be an existing item! Requires Bot Moderator or Admin

Usage: rp!shop [additem|add] <name>

shop buy

Description: Buy an item from the shop

Usage: rp!shop buy <item> <amount>

shop removeitem

Description: Remove a listed item

Usage: rp!shop removeitem <name>

shop sell

Description: Sell an item to the shop

Usage: rp!shop sell <item> <amount>


Description: Start a bid for an item

Usage: rp!startbid <item> <amount> <startbid>


Description: Give the members money (Moderators)

Usage: rp!takemoney <amount> [members...]

Groups Commands

Commands for guild management


Description: Get info on a member's guild. Subcommands for guild management

Usage: rp![guild|g] [member]

guild create

Description: Create a new guild

Usage: rp!guild create <name>

guild delete

Description: Delete your guild

Usage: rp!guild delete

guild deposit

Description: Deposit an amount of money into the guild bank

Usage: rp!guild deposit <amount> [guild_name]

guild deposititems

Description: Deposit items into the guild's storage, uses {item}x{#} notation

Usage: rp!guild deposititems [items...]

guild info

Description: Get info on a guild

Usage: rp!guild info <name>

guild invite

Description: Invite a user your closed guild

Usage: rp!guild invite <user>

guild join

Description: Join a guild (if you have an invite for closed guilds)

Usage: rp!guild join <name>

guild kick

Description: Kick a member from a guild

Usage: rp!guild kick <user>

guild leave

Description: Leave your guild

Usage: rp!guild leave

guild setdescription

Description: Set the guild's description

Usage: rp!guild [setdescription|setdesc] <description>

guild seticon

Description: Set the guild's icon

Usage: rp!guild seticon <url>

guild setimage

Description: Set the guild's image

Usage: rp!guild setimage <url>

guild setmod

Description: Give the listed users mod for your guild (guild owner only)

Usage: rp!guild setmod [members...]

guild toggleopen

Description: Toggle the Guilds open state

Usage: rp!guild toggleopen

guild transfer

Description: Transfer ownership of a guild to someone else

Usage: rp!guild transfer <user>

guild withdraw

Description: Take money from the guild bank

Usage: rp!guild withdraw <amount>

guild withdrawitems

Description: Withdraw items from the guild (guild mods only)

Usage: rp!guild withdrawitems [items...]


Description: List guilds

Usage: rp!guilds

Inventory Commands


Description: Give items ({item}x{#}) to a member; ie: ;give @Henry#6174 pokeballx3

Usage: rp!give <other> [items...]


Description: Give an item to a person (Not out of your inventory)

Usage: rp!giveitem <item> <num> [members...]


Description: Check your or another users inventory.

Usage: rp![inventory|i|inv] [member]


Description: List the current lootboxes

Usage: rp![lootbox|lb]

lootbox buy

Description: Buy a lootbox of the given name

Usage: rp!lootbox buy <name>

lootbox create

Description: Create a new lootbox, under the given name for the given cost Use {item}x{#} notation to add items with {#} weight Weight being an integer. For example: bananax2 orangex3. The outcome of the box will be Random Choice[banana, banana, orange, orange, orange]

Usage: rp!lootbox [create|new] <name> <cost> [items...]

lootbox delete

Description: Delete a lootbox with the given name

Usage: rp!lootbox [delete|remove] <name>


Description: Remove an item from a person's inventory

Usage: rp![takeitem|take] <item> <num> [members...]

Mapping Commands


Description: See the server map

Usage: rp![map|carte] <name>

map buy

Description: Buy an item from the shop on the current tile

Usage: rp!map buy <mapname> <character> <amount> <itemname>

map check

Description: Inspect the current tile a character is on

Usage: rp!map [check|look|regarder|inspect|voir] <mapname> <character>

map create

Description: Create a map that will generate as it is explored. Set xmax and ymax to -1 for an infinite map ($5 Patrons only)

Usage: rp!map create <mapname> <xmax> <ymax>

map delete

Description: Delete a map

Usage: rp!map [delete|supprimer] <name>

map down

Description: Move south on a map

Usage: rp!map [down|south|sud] <mapname> <character>

map generate

Description: Create a custom map for the guild. Usage: rp!map create Earth 64 64 This will create a 64x64 map that will generate as the players explore it

Usage: rp!map [generate|creer|new|nouvelle] <name> <xsize> <ysize>

map left

Description: Move West on a map

Usage: rp!map [left|west|ouest|gauche] <mapname> <character>

map right

Description: Move East on a map

Usage: rp!map [right|east|est|droit] <mapname> <character>

map up

Description: Move North on a map

Usage: rp!map [up|north|nord] <mapname> <character>

Misc Commands


Description: Donation information

Usage: rp!donate


Description: Give me some feedback on the bot

Usage: rp!feedback <feedback>


Description: Bot Info

Usage: rp!info


Description: Test the bot's connection ping

Usage: rp!ping


Description: Roll a number of dice with given sides (ndx notation) Example: rp!rtd 3d7 2d4 Optional Additions: Test for success by adding a >/<# Grab the top n rolls by adding ^n Add to the final roll by just adding a number (pos or neg)

Examples of all: rp!rtd 8d8 -12 15 ^4 >32

-> Roll failed (30 > 32) ([8 + 7 + 6 + 6] + -12 + 15) (Grabbed top 4 out of 8)

Usage: rp![rtd|rollthedice|dice] [dice...]


Description: Displays my full source code or for a specific command. To display the source code of a subcommand you have to separate it by periods, e.g. tag.create for the create subcommand of the tag command.

Usage: rp!source [command]


Description: Get totals of commands and their number of uses

Usage: rp!totalcmds

Pokemon Commands


Description: Check the pokemon in your box

Usage: rp!box [member]


Description: Subcommands for Pokemon management, see rp!help pokemon Same use as rp!box

Usage: rp![pokemon|p] [member]

pokemon create

Description: Create a new Pokemon to add to your box

Usage: rp!pokemon [create|new]

pokemon info

Description: Get info on a Pokemon

Usage: rp!pokemon info <id>

pokemon release

Description: Release a Pokemon from your box

Usage: rp!pokemon [release|delete|rm|remove] <id>

pokemon trade

Description: Offer a trade to a user. your_id is the ID of the Pokemon you want to give, their_id is the Pokemon you want from them. other being the user you want to trade with

Usage: rp!pokemon trade <your_id> <their_id> <other>

Salary Commands

Salary commands


Description: See guild salaries

Usage: rp!salaries


Description: Get a role's salary. Also includes salary subcommands

Usage: rp![salary|sal] <role>

salary create

Description: Create a daily salary for a user with the given role. Roles are paid every day at 24:00, every user with the role will receive the amount specified. If a role with a salary is deleted, the salary will also be deleted.

Usage: rp!salary create <amount> <role>

salary delete

Description: Remove a created salary

Usage: rp!salary delete <role>

Settings Commands


Description: Set the guild currency

Usage: rp!currency <currency>


Description: Set the guild language or check the language

Usage: rp!language [language]


Description: Set the money start amount for a guild

Usage: rp!setstart <amount>


Description: Get the current server settings

Usage: rp![settings|s|configuration|conf]

settings additem

Description: Add a custom item

Usage: rp!settings additem <name>

settings iteminfo

Description: Get info on a server item

Usage: rp!settings iteminfo <item>

settings items

Description: See all items for a guild

Usage: rp!settings items

settings removeitem

Description: Remove a custom item

Usage: rp!settings [removeitem|deleteitem] <name>

Team Commands


Description: Check a character's team

Usage: rp!team <character>

team add

Description: Add a Pokemon to a character's team

Usage: rp!team [add|addmember] <character> <id>

team remove

Description: Remove a Pokemon from a character's team

Usage: rp!team [remove|removemember] <character> <id>

User Commands

Commands for guild management


Description: Get your or another user's level information. Help on this command for experience subcommands EXP is calculated using a 0.1x^2+5x+4 where x is equal to the user's current level Spamming commands or messages will not earn more exp!

Usage: rp![experience|exp] [member]

experience add

Description: Give the given members an amount of experience

Usage: rp!experience add <amount> [members...]

experience setlevel

Description: Set the given members level

Usage: rp!experience [setlevel|set] <level> [members...]


Description: Get info on a user

Usage: rp![userinfo|ui] [user]