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KOI Is a little fish with a big heart. Its goal is to provide functionality with a personality.


KOI-Bot Commands Prefix:

It has none. You just @ it

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KOI is an always growing bot, aiming to combine functionality with a personality
If you love KOI please upvote him, as it really helps him grow :)



@KOI-Bot#2215 Love/Money/Weed leaderboards
Shows the leaderboards (top 10 but including you) for money, love or weed

@KOI-Bot#2215 Money/Weed/Love Balance
KOI tells you how much money/weed/love you have

@KOI-Bot#2215 Send/Wire (mention of another user) (amount) (Money With $/Weed/Warriors/Guards/Catapults)
KOI sends the specified resource to the specified person

@KOI-Bot#2215 Discard (amount) (Money With $/Weed/Warriors/Guards/Catapults)
KOI discards the specified resource

@KOI-Bot#2215 Store [section (SectionName)] [buy ItemNR]
Shows you the specified section of the shop (if none is specified it just shows which sections exist), and (if you wrote buy) buys the item specified

@KOI-Bot#2215 Request feature (feature)
You can request features for KOI

@KOI-Bot#2215 Patreon
I have a Patreon and if you'd like to support me i'd be very happy!

Petting (WIP):

@KOI-Bot#2215 Pet
Pets KOI (+1 LP)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Brothel [amount]
Store where you can buy LP


Every time you interact with KOI

@KOI-Bot#2215 Work
Gives you 400$ (Can be done every 12h)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Bet (amount of money to bet)$ on (Heads/Tails/Side)
You bet some of that sweet cash of yours on a coinflip (If you win you get 75% what you bet back)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Bet (amount of money to bet)$ on (Color or Color and Number)
You bet some of that sweet cash of yours on a casino roulette (right color: 75% of what you bet back) (right color+number: 75 times what you bet back)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Spin the wheel (of mythicality)
You spin the casino roulette

@KOI-Bot#2215 Buy lottery-ticket (amount)
You bet da KOI-Bucks on da lottery

@KOI-Bot#2215 What is the lottery pool
You get the amount of money is in the lottery-pool

@KOI-Bot#2215 When will the lottery end?
KOI tells you when the lottery ends

Weed (WIP):

Section "Weed" of the store
The weed section

@KOI-Bot#2215 420 blaze it
Blazes the fuck outta this place (-1 weed)

Crib (WIP):

Section "Crib" of the store
The crib section

@KOI-Bot#2215 Crib
Shows you your KOI-Crib

War (WIP):

Section "War" of the store
The war section

@KOI-Bot#2215 Attack (mention of another user)
Attacks another user (if you win you get 25% of their money)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Army
Shows you your army

@KOI-Bot#2215 Please hold me i am scared the big guys are gonna get me
Enables safemode

@KOI-Bot#2215 Disable safemode
Disables safemode

Assistant (WIP):

@KOI-Bot#2215 Search the web for (string)
Searches the web for something

@KOI-Bot#2215 Image search the web for (string)
Searches the web for something returning an image

@KOI-Bot#2215 Image nsfw search for (string)
Searches the web for porn related to the search-string

@KOI-Bot#2215 Find ebay listings for (ITEM) (the minimum price being (MinPrice)$) (the maximum price being (MaxPrice)$) (amount)
Searches ebay for listings meeting the criteria

@KOI-Bot#2215 Find (place (fx. "Find a bugerking in New York" or "Find a hotel near Oslo"))
Finds a location based on the search term

@KOI-Bot#2215 Search Wikipedia for (string)
Searches Wikipedia for said string

@KOI-Bot#2215 What rhymes with (word)
KOI helps you bust a rhyme by telling you what rhymes with the given word

@KOI-Bot#2215 Change my nickname to (nickname)
Changes your nickname (only if you have >-20 LP)

Fun (Always WIP):

@KOI-Bot#2215 Boop
You cannot do this. Don't even try.

@KOI-Bot#2215 Rape/Touch/Slap/Punish (User)
Rapes/Touches/Slaps/Punishes another user

@KOI-Bot#2215 Hold (my)
Holds something

@KOI-Bot#2215 Post a [verified|dank|shit|not even a meme|irrelevant|bad] meme
KOI Posts a meme (If no category is specified the memes will not be sorted)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Sing for me
KOI sings you a song

@KOI-Bot#2215 Tell me a seacret
Tells you a secret of the sea

@KOI-Bot#2215 Tell me a joke
Tells you a joke

@KOI-Bot#2215 (Thing) vs (Thing)
KOI decides which of the two is better

@KOI-Bot#2215 rate (Thing)
KOI rates a thing from 0 to 10

@KOI-Bot#2215 Tell me the price of (Thing)
KOI decides a resonable price for a thing

@KOI-Bot#2215 Flip a coin/Throw a dice/Tell me a random number between (number) and (number)
KOI goes full RNG

@KOI-Bot#2215 [Answer] Wikipedia game (word/name/thing)
Starts a new or answers a Wikipedia game (You get a Wikipedia summary and have to guess what it is about)

@KOI-Bot#2215 [Answer] Ebay game (word/name/thing)
Starts a new or answers an Ebay game (You get a random item from Ebays name and picture and you have to guess the price)

@KOI-Bot#2215 Do I outrank PERSON?
Tells you if you outrank a certain person


If you have any questions please join my official Discord: