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KOI Is a little fish with a big heart. Its goal is to provide functionality with a personality.


Bot Prefix: It has none. You just @ it

Daddy Ripsalot#0049

Here is a list of the commands KOI knows right now (Keep in mind the list is always growing, and this might be outdated. I never remove features though):

Basic Commands:

• @KOI-Bot#2215 Pet
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Love leaderboards
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Money leaderboards
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Tell me a seacret
• @KOI-Bot#2215 (Thing) vs (Thing)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Rate (Something or Someone)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Price (tells the price of weed)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Flip a Coin bet (price with $) (heads/tails/Side)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Post a meme
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Post a verified meme (Verified = confirmed to be good)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Tell me a joke
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Change my nickname to (NICKNAME)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 What rhymes with (Word)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Balance (shows Money Balance)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Send (User) (Money With $/Warriors/Guards/Catapults)..... (KOI will take 5% of the money for weed and food)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Discard (Money With $/Warriors/Guards/Catapults)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Boop (he doesnt like it but do it anyways)

Crib and Crib Shop:
     You have your own little virtual crib

• @KOI-Bot#2215 Crib (shows your crib)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Section 1 (see what you can buy)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Section 1 Item (ITEMNMR) (to Buy items for your crib and give it some BLANG BLANG) (Section 1 and 2 are Closed)

     You have your own army, and can attack people for money

• @KOI-Bot#2215 Attack (Username)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Section 2 (Army shop)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Section 2 item (ITEMNMR) (to buy guards, walls and other things to make your Kindom better)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Army (to see what you have left to defend and attack with)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Please hold me i am scared the big guys are gonna get me (enables safemode)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Disable safemode

Search the Web:

• @KOI-Bot#2215 Search for (Search_term)
• @KOI-Bot#2215 Image search for (Search_term)

If you have any questions or wanna test KOI out before adding him please join our official discord server: