Crypto Wallet - Mod - Fun - Bump - NSFW - Custom Prefix - Interactive help menu. Curiosity is a much have for your server !

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Created By: Gyzimo#5057


What is Curiosity ?
Curiosity is a easy to use and interactive bot that is a
must have for every server to have !

Who is Curiosity ?
Curiosity is made by Gizmo#5057
and is still an ongoing project. 
We are working daily on Curiosity to make her 
become the best bot ou on discord. 

What sort of commands ?
Curiosity contains over 120 commands 
and growing by the day. 
Doesnt matter what you would like to 
be done Curiosity will it for you !
From Moderation to Fun commands,
From Music to NSFW commands we have it all.

Bump Your Server !
You can advertise you server by bumping 
It to Team Curiosity Discord.
This will incl your server invite link !

Ranking System:
Curiosity has it's own Ranking system.
This will count how many time you post 
something on chat in every server Curiosity is on.
The level and credits will be saved in a database
and you can always look up your statistics.
The ranking system is cross servers meaning
your ranking on 1 server will be the rank for the other. 
Soon Comming: Server ranking points and top server list.

Curiosity is interactive !
This means that you do not always are in de need
to use a prefix. The Help menu for example is interactive. 
After activating the help menu with ;Help you only need 
to type the catagory you would like more info about.
This ofcause without prefix as Curiosity is waiting for your imput.

Curiosity is Fun !
We have A LOT of fun commands but better yet
we pay a lot of attention to details. Instead of quickly 
making some commands we are spending a lot of time and 
effort into out bot to make it look sweet in every aspect. 
From random selected gifs at the top of command results
to embed colors on almost every command to give Curiosity
much better look over all. 

Curiosity is Music !
We have intergraded music into Curiosity. 
You can listen to your favorite song with Curiosity
when ever you want were ever you want. 
Curiosity is not restricted to 1 platform,
this means you can listen music from youtube or Soundcloud
or many more platforms that you would prefer.

Curiosity and SmartPhones !!
For all you smartphone users we have great news !!
Curiosity is optimized to be used by small screen smartphones.
Do you hate it that most bots have a bunch of text posting on your 
screen that because of the dimentions becomes a complete mess ?
well you will not have that problem with Curiosity. 
Most of all output results on Curiosity is made so that 
all text appearing on a smartphone is fitting perfectly.

Curiosity is Easy
Specially for smartphone users it can be very
iritating to type all the commands every time specially if they are long.
Curiosity provides you with a shortcut on almost all commands. 
This so you do not have to type out long command words on a phone. 
This way you will be able to use Curiosity fast and easy :)

Because out of Curiosity we care !!
You are very important to us and the development for Curiosity !
Only by you ( The User ) Curiosity can exist!!
Therefor we have made it very easy to get in touch with the developer
and also to send in a bug report / opinion. 
We have made multiple commands that can do this. 
You can send in your opinion of the bot or send us a bug report. 
But most of all you can direcly and easy contact the developer with ;MsgDev.

More info about Curiosity !
Visit our website : http://www.CuriosityDiscord.com