FM Radio Certified Bots


FM Radio, one of the few unique music bots. Fully user-supported!

Check out the full command list @ P!help.

FM Radio is a music bot that's intended to give you the most smooth experience with personalization, control, and more in your Discord guild. Based off of previous bots developed by FireController#1847, it's concept has been built upon for years and is intended to provide easy to use controls while still having the ability to customize the crap out of it.

In the future, FM Radio plans on expanding further into a Web Interface as well as IHeartRadio integration, possible Pandora Radio integration, custom stream integration, and so much more. We're looking forward to the future as it will change the entire world compared to the current version of the bot. While the current version is still being maintained, it lacks a special quality about it (even with it's 2000 user-submitted hand-checked database). This is what FM Radio v7 is supposed to provide. And ooh boy, it will.

Watch this video for a tutorial / general overall guide on how to use the bot.