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Tsukasa Hiiragi

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Tsukasa Hiiragi Certified Bots


A configurable bot based on Fun and Moderation. Reliable & Stable Music with Soundcloud and YouTube support!


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Tsukasa Hiiragi Commands Prefix:

";-" default, customizable.

10,351 servers

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I am not your average weeb bot being manga/anime based.

Oh, so you want to know about me? ^~^

24/7/365 Uptime, with a Support Team ready to help.
Fast and reliable
Reliable music, decent quality // Soundcloud and YouTube support

View osu! user statistics for any mode (standard, mania, etc)
Customizable Join/Leave Messages
Multiple Image Manipulation Commands
High quality and reliable music with queue system Free, forever!
Moderation - kick, ban, prune with mod-log
Custom per-server command prefixes
Search YouTube for videos, songs, etc.
Search the Urban Dictionary.
Roll a dice.
Flip a coin.
Play rock-paper-scissors with the bot. (Not rigged, I swear!).
Ask the 8ball a question. (I'd trust it with my life)
Filters out discord server invites. (Advanced Filter.)
Random Anime-Inspired Slap, Hug and Pat GIFs
Server Tags, setup commands with pre-set responses
Random Dogs, Cats, Nekos and NSFW Lewd Nekos

Upcoming Features

Website with Web Panel
Currency system, shop and profiles!