Yggdrasil Certified Bots


Fun! Soundboard! Games! Phones! Pranks!

Yggdrasil is a unique bot with a ton of fun commands. Its goal is to connect as much of Discord as possible, bringing fun everywhere!

Text Communication
Using the various text-based "phone" commands, Yggdrasil can connect multiple text channels and relay messages between them! You never know who you might run into! Check out the speakerphone, scramblephone, eyephone, and userphone commands!
Fun Stuff
From quotes, to pranks, to death battles, to a massive soundboard, Yggdrasil has plenty of fun commands!
Voice Communication
Yggdrasil can not only connect text channels, but voice channels too! Check out the voicephone command to link voice channels from different servers! Now you can actually talk to random people all over Discord!

Yggdrasil commands:

--about - shows info about the bot
--avatar [user] - show someone's avatar
--credits - show bot credits
--invite - add the bot to your server
--ping - checks the bot's latency
--shardinfo - shows shard details
--userinfo [user] - shows info about a user
--serverinfo - shows info about the server


--bird - shows a random bird
--cat - shows a random cat
--choose [item] [item] ... - make a decision
--deathbattle [@user1] [@user2] - Death Battle!
--dog - shows a random dog
--8ball [question] - ask the magic 8ball!
--fidgetspinner [type] - spins a fidget spinner
--fortune - shows your fortune
--gold - [description requires Discord Gold]
--loading - ...
--nitro - [description requires Discord Nitro]
--pokefusion - shows a random pokefusion
--quote [messageId] OR [@user] [quote] - grabs or creates a quote
--report [something to report - reports something
--rip [user] - makes a tombstone
--roll [dice] - rolls dice
--ship [first] [second] - matchmaking!
--spoilers [text] - hides spoiler text


--speakerphone - chat with random users all over Discord!
--eyephone - :eyes:
--scramblephone - chat with random users, but scrambled!
--userphone - chat with users and see who you're chatting with!
--flipphone - flips your chat!
--voicephone - joins two voice channels