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Customizable music and fun bot with games, currency, and a lot to offer!


Bot Prefix: ~>

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Main Features

  • Make your chat funnier with ~>greet, ~>pat or ~>hug!
  • Play Music! (~>play, ~>queue, ~>np)
  • Play games! (~>game pokemon, ~>game number, ~>trivia, ~>game character and more!)
  • Check osu! player scores and informations about a player using ~>osustats!
  • Create your own Custom Commands with ~>custom!
  • Check the Weather from everywhere with the ~>weather command.
  • Play a simulated Currency system with the Currency commands! (Use ~>profile to start)
  • Use the ~>ytmp3 command to get the MP3 file of any YouTube video.
  • Don't forget the birthdays! Use the ~>birthday and I'll remind!
  • Configure my options with ~>opts.
  • Search the Urban Dictionary!(~>urban)

Some more features (with more to discover!)

  • Action Commands (action bloodsuck greet hug kiss meow pat poke pout slap tsundere nuzzle tickle):
    Add anime GIF actions to your conversation and make them funnier!
  • Music Commands (play queue np skip shuffle repeat volume removetrack move pause stop skipahead rewind forceplay):
    First class music with no delay or loss!
  • Custom Commands (custom):
    Use your creativity to the limit!
  • Anime Commands (anime character):
    Find information about your favorite animes and characters.
  • Currency Commands (gamble inventory marry daily loot market profile rep richest transfer slots balance):
    A simulated currency system in Mantaro. Be one of the richest people in the global position!
  • Other Commands :
    8ball game trivia about avatar ban remindme birthday cmdstats dice
    google guildinfo help kick konachan math misc
    opts osustats ping iam iamnot prune coinflip choose quote randomfact stats
    time translate urban userinfo weather yandere ytmp3 rule34 mute unmute dictionary