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Voting Changes, New API Docs and more!

Today we're launching the biggest update so far.

Features/Updates we're releasing today

  • 3 Official libraries for our API are being released
  • Revamped API docs with a lot more information!
  • Users can now vote everyday
  • The frontpage has changed one of it's section to "Top Voted per Month"
  • There are now dedicated voting pages for bot developers to link to make users voting easier
  • We've made voting button more obvious on the bot profile
  • You can now only see who has voted for your bot in the current month.
  • New rules about voting API use

Voting Changes Breakdown

In the last six months our platform has grown significantly. I'm sure you've seen increases in your bots statistics. Today we are launching an update that gives every bot a chance to compete for the potential joins we can bring your bots. Previously the main bots had such a big lead, making it impossible for it to be fair game between bots. Now starting today, everyone has a chance at reaching the top spots, every month. Now, we haven't forgotten about the big bots, so the "top" page will still sort by total votes. We know you worked hard for these and it will not be deleted and we plan to keep it this way for the foreseeable future. As for the big bots, this is your chance to show your community is as strong as the smaller ones, the playing field is now leveled for quality and community power. A lot of your users also struggled to find the voting button, we made a more obvious one on the bot profile and we also made a seperate page for developers to link in their bots for users to vote with, /bot/:ID/vote this is to help you gain the most votes for your bot to give everyone a fair chance.

Our official libaries for interacting with our API

Today we introduce three official new libraries for our API

We recommend these libraries highly for easy posting and grabbing from our site! If you find any issues/bugs please open an issue on their respective github repositories. Honorable mentions for the users who gave their time to help build these resources!

  • Nik#1234 - Primary Java Library Developer
  • Francis#2517 - Primary Python Library Developer
  • Tonkku#0950 - Primary JavaScript Library Developer

Updates to our API Documentation

Our API docs have had a total revamp! Hopefully you like them and they contain a lot more information than they did previously! If you think something is missing, you are have having a problem or you need help don't be afraid to shoot us a message in our #api channel.

We've heard your feedback and decided that it's not in the users interest to make the first spot on the site a sponsored position and will no longer be calling them partnered, but sponsored positions. Check out the full release information here, it contains a lot more relevent information about this update and the future of voting.