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New Merch Store and Tag Updates!

Hey Discord Bot List,

Today we are launching our new merch store! It's been requested a lot by you guys and we decided it was another good way for the community to support the development of DBL and get cool stuff! Here is a link to the new merch store DBL Merch Store and here is a link our new super cool hoodie you guys expressed interest in. Cool New Hooide. You can use code "BOTS" for 10% off ALL items in our store until Saturday! If you think we are missing something from our merch store, come and mention it on our discord in the #feedback channel

We are also setting a limit on tags as of today. We feel that for a lot of the tags the same bots are always on top, that is why we have introduced a limit of 6 tags per bot. We think 6 tags is a good number to enable you to summarise your bots best features and to help prevent the abuse of our tag system.

We are advising all bot developers who currently have more than 6 tags allocated to their bot to go and remove tags from their bot so it has exactly six tags or less. If your bot tags are not six or less by Friday (19/03/18) all the tags from your bot will automatically be removed.

This suggestion is important to us, lots of users that forget/don't know how to switch accounts get confused logging in, so adding switch accounts feature will benefit us and the perfect experience we are trying to create as well as many other Discord applications which would be thankful for this. If you have a second please vote for this

If you have another second you can follow us on twitter here ;)