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Major voting and API Changes! March Hoodie Winners!

Hello DiscordBots community. We did a major update to voting today. Here is the rundown:

1) Votes are now a LOT faster and your users will not get stuck anymore

2) Webhooks are sent from a different server than before, so if you had an IP check in place, please make sure to revise it

3) We added TESTS for webhooks! Head over to the "My Bots" section of the API docs and you will see a button "Test Webhook function"

4) The /api/bots/:id/votes endpoint now only shows your last 1000 votes - this way it doesn't break your bot, but if you have over 1000 votes you should use webhooks or individual vote checking

5) We added the ability to check whether an individual user has voted or not. Simply query /api/bots/:id/check?userId=X and it will tell you if the user voted for your bot IN THE PAST 24 HOURS

6) On bot pages, votes displayed are now monthly

Overall - this should be a major performance gain for everyone. Since it's a new system we've had to reset monthly votes, but not to worry, overall votes didn't go anywhere.

If your bot still relies on the getVotes method inside our wrappers, please implement the webhook ASAP, or write the GET request to our api to check for individual user ids, otherwise, you may run into bugs

For the month of March, the following bot developers have won hoodies!

miles#6969 - Pokécord - 71,896 votes - most votes in the month of March

Nextdoorsgamer#5750, Transmissions#9156 - Sinon - 12,169 votes - most voted music bot in the month of March

You will be contacted shortly if you have won! :)

Thank you!