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Discord Server List

Hey DBL,

Today is an exciting day, we’re expanding!

From this moment onwards you can list your discord servers with us! https://discordbots.org/servers/

Check out <https://discordbots.org/servers/new&gt; to get started while also joining our new discord server for the list here: https://discord.gg/ntYCKKC

Our growth has been amazing in the past month and we’ve become one of the biggest sites on discord to integrate this heavily into their service. That’s one of the biggest reasons we’ve decided to start serving the server communities on discord as well :) Our server list can detect the bots in your servers as well as bot pages and developers be able to list servers they want to promote, we’ve worked hard to integrate both our bot listing and server listing to benefit as many people as we can. Tell your dog, your friends and everyone to add their server to <https://discordbots.org/server/&gt; votes will be coming for servers in the coming days and hopefully analytics for your bots and servers soon:tm: !