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Certified Bots

Top Voted Bots this Month

These are the top voted bots this month!

  • MedalBot
    ONLINE 27,466 Servers

    HD Audio Streaming | Social System | Moderation | Gaming Clips | 24/7 Uptime | Fully integrated with medal.tv!

    Featured Bot
  • Pokécord
    ONLINE 58,937 Servers
    Pokécord Non-partnered Bot

    Catch, train, and battle pokémon while talking to your friends in Discord!

    Anime , Fun
  • pbot
    ONLINE 47,750 Servers
    pbot Non-partnered Bot

    Cleverbot, 4Chan, Image/Gif Generator, Jokes, Memes, Administration, Utility, NSFW, Colors, 140+ commands and more. @pbot help

    Fun , Meme
  • Nadeko
    ONLINE 174,974 Servers
    Nadeko Non-partnered Bot

    Nadeko is a general-purpose bot featuring a lot of game, gambling, administration tools and fun commands.

    Moderation , Game
  • Sinon
    ONLINE 27,132 Servers
    Sinon Non-partnered Bot

    Sinon | NSFW, Music, Fun, Basic Moderation and more!

    Moderation , NSFW
  • Pancake
    ONLINE 57,856 Servers
    Pancake Non-partnered Bot

    Simple to use multi-purpose Discord bot - music, moderation, fun, NSFW and more!

    Music , Moderation
  • Bloxlink
    ONLINE 10,092 Servers
    Bloxlink Non-partnered Bot

    ROBLOX verification made easy!

    Role Management , Customizable Behavior
  • GuildedBot
    ONLINE 23,563 Servers

    The best bot for gaming teams. Calendar, stats, and recruiting for Overwatch, WoW, CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, FFXIV, Destiny, PUBG, and more

    Featured Bot
Certified Bots

Trending New Bots

New bots that are gaining votes quickly

  • PatchBot
    ONLINE 7,878 Servers

    PatchBot makes it easy to keep your server updated with the latest changes to your favorite games

    Featured Bot
  • GRLCTips
    ONLINE 92 Servers
    GRLCTips Non-partnered Bot

    GRLC cryptocurrency tip bot

  • BishopBot
    ONLINE 135 Servers
    BishopBot Non-partnered Bot

    BishopBot Is A Simple To Use Multi-Purpose Discord Bot - Music, Moderation, Fun And More! || Adding Commands Daily

    Music , Moderation
  • Commando Evert
    ONLINE 557 Servers
    Commando Evert Non-partnered Bot

    Commando Evert is a bot made for fun purposes. It's a game within discord where you compete against other users around the world!

    Fun , Game
Certified Bots

Certified Featured Bots

Bots that are a part of our Certification Program. Quality Bots that are assured to function 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

  • Fortnite Bot
    ONLINE 6,601 Servers
    Fortnite Bot

    Discord bot with Fornite functionality in mind. Get stats, updates, and more! Custom prefix supported.

    Featured Bot
  • Daily Mirror
    DND 632 Servers
    Daily Mirror Non-partnered Bot

    A bot that will fetch the most recent and most popular news for the current day and will also automatically post news every 12 hours.

  • Wolfia
    ONLINE 3,894 Servers
    Wolfia Non-partnered Bot

    A Discord bot for Mafia / Werewolf and similar games

    Fun , Game
  • Restarter
    DND 1,034 Servers
    Restarter Non-partnered Bot

    Restarter is a simple utility bot providing autorole, role aliases, voting, name cleaning and more.

    Moderation , Leveling
  • TriviaMaster
    ONLINE 2,238 Servers
    TriviaMaster Non-partnered Bot

    A trivia bot with over 30 categories. Features multiple choice, true/false, and jeopardy-style questions.

    Fun , Game
  • Manager
    ONLINE 3,601 Servers
    Manager Non-partnered Bot

    Temporary Private Voice & Text Channels | Analytics | 10+ Languages | Highly Configurable | Active Development |

    Customizable Behavior , Web Dashboard
  • Konata
    ONLINE 30,482 Servers
    Konata Non-partnered Bot

    Konata is a multi-lang Discord Bot to help and entertain your server with lots of commands, games and stable music feature!

    Game , Music
  • Trello
    ONLINE 3,999 Servers

    Manage Trello Boards right from your Discord!

    Featured Bot
Certified Bots


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